This 355-Square-Foot Shipping Container Home Cost Just $20K

Custom built by 29-year-old Canadian engineer Joseph Dupuis, this simple shipping container house is actually composed of three corrugated-metal units, clocking in at a total of just 355 square feet. The dwelling’s charm lies in its rugged, utilitarian aesthetic: This isn’t exactly themost adorned shipping container home we’ve ever seen. The land, reports Inhabitat, belongs to Dupuis’s family—which certainly helped keep the total cost down—and the shipping containers were purchased for about $2,600 USD each. For a total of $20,000, we’d say this set-up is a bit of a steal.

The house is entirely off the grid and draws absolutely no energy from local utilities. Instead, a rooftop solar array provides power when needed. When it comes to the facilities, Dupuis has an indoor shower and an outhouse for “other business.” Apparently, Dupuis plans to add a fourth shipping container to his small collection, one outfitted with a special glass ceiling for sheltered star gazing.

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